Sitar Maestro Ikhlaq

Ikhlaq Hussain offers sitar concerts and sitar lessons


Perfume of God


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Ikhlaq Hussain's deeply spiritual music is played in the "Gayaki" style, emulating the human voice and passionately conveying the human soul's yearning for the divine.

Raga Madhuvanti and Raga Megh with Ikhlaq Hussain on sitar and Utpal Dutta on tabla.




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Destiny is a bold and engaging new look at classical Indian music – the Raga Yaman - by a true master of the sitar, Ikhlaq Hussain. This brilliant musician is descended from a long-line of musicians, dating back to the creators of the sitar and tabla in the thirteenth century and here he has blended his beautifully vocal style of playing, called Gayaki Ang, with musicians and sounds from the world of improvised jazz. The result is two extended tracks of music that is hypnotic, spiritual and timeless yet also in-the-moment and somehow pulsing with contemporary energy. Piano and saxophone join forces with sitar and tabla and shine in virtuoso sections that transcend the dazzling playing to tell a powerful story.

Video recordings


LearnQuest Music Festival 2009

Performance at the Living Room of Shangri La Hawai'i while being  an Artist in Residence of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art