On his musical journey Ikhlaq Hussain has been fortunate to study with some of the world's greatest maestros, including his father, Ustad Imdad Hussain, the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar; whom Ikhlaq received a scholarship from the government of India to study with in 1991, and Ustad Kabir Khan.
In addition to concert recitals, Ikhlaq Hussain is committed to preserving and disseminating his rich musical heritage through concerts, performances and teaching.
Ikhlaq has been teaching sitar for 20 years and is a dedicated and skillful instructor. In addition to individual classes, he offers workshops and lecture demonstrations for students of all levels and lovers of Hindustani classical music.

Ikhlaq with his father Ustad Imdad Hussain


It has been such an honor and privilege to become Guruji's "obedient" disciple in 1991 in Delhi. 11th December 2012 was a sad evening in New York City when I received the news that our dearest Pandit ji is no more in this world. I will always be grateful for and cherish Pandit Ravi Shankar ji's teaching and pass it on to the next generation.

Please read the Shankar Family Statement here


Pandit Ravi Shankar with Ikhlaq (on the right)